The Shanghai Bund in My Dream

Posted On 2021-08-05 15:07:15

Title: The Shanghai Bund in My Dream

Cover story: Jammes had a very happy time with his mom and dad at the Bund of Shanghai during the June 1 Children's Day. That night, he dreamed of the bright lights of the Bund, the beautiful Huangpu River, the tall buildings, and the zebras he saw in a cartoon program. After waking up, he completed this painting, and named it "The Shanghai Bund in My Dream". The main plot shows a dream in which the zebra father and zebra baby carry the beautiful Bund building and Huangpu River into the space.

Artist: Jammes Zhao, male, born July 1, 2015. Student of Nanjing Chongwen Kindergarten, Class 4, Upper Grade. He loves sports, music, and painting in particular, and his dream is to become a scientist/inventor who is good at drawing.