Cover Story (Ongoing)

The Pond

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The Pond is a water-color painting on 20 x 20cm white canvas, which reflects Wilson’s impression of the lotus flower and leaves in Xuanwu Lake. He saw them while taking a walk in the park with his family.

The Butterfly of Life

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Oil Painting“The Butterfly of Life”, Created in November 2021. Work size: 50cmx60cm (length X width).

Sunflowers in the Darkness

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The painting is called Sunflowers in the Darkness, a 42*28cm water-color painting on black cardboard. Every night after dark, people cannot see anything but stay at home and wait for the sun to rise the next day.

Oasis of Life

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Sky believes that in the dry, lifeless desert, with cacti, small animals have the source of life, water, and food and can survive.


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The “EYES” is inspired by a ferris wheel toy at home. It was submitted on National Eyes Care Day on June 6, 2021.


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“Squirrel” is a work of art with 55cm high and 45cm wide, painting with oil pastel.

Defeat the bad virus

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During the outbreak of epidemic, the doctors and nurses are working very hard to fight with the virus on the frontline.


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Li Yijing's oil painting "Sunset" was inspired by a photo taken at the beach, and it took 6 hours to complete under the guidance of Teacher Ju.
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