Dandelion, fly and fly

Posted On 2021-03-30 10:40:48

Title: Dandelion, fly and fly

Cover story: The fluffy little dandelion looks like a Ferris wheel. Its leaves are sharp, like the teeth of a lion. When the wind is blowing, the dandelions become flying umbrellas and dance in the sky. Here I drew two happy dandelions, swaying in the breeze and going to take off. The laughter attracts the little snails who travel around with their shells on the backs. The little snails admire the dandelion for flying in the sky and viewing sights from high above. The dandelion brothers cheer the snail brothers on. They agree to share fun and fascinating adventures during the journey!

Artist: Jishan Gu -- Trick or treat! My mon and dad say that I was born on Halloween and thus born to trick-or-treat. What I like more is racing, reading, playing sports, drawing, and enjoying tasty dishes! Everyone says I am a caring kid. I hope I can help others and bring happiness to them!