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Original Article

The relationship between physical activity, physical fitness and fatness in 3–6 years old boys and girls: a cross-sectional study
Guiomar Serrano-Gallén, Natalia M. Arias-Palencia, Sixto González-Víllora, Víctor Gil-López, Monserrat Solera-Martínez
The relationship between TSH levels and clinical pregnancy outcomes for patients who undergo in vitro fertilization/intracytoplasmic sperm injection: a retrospective study
Danni Zhou, Huali Deng, Min Xia, Ruoqing Li, Hong Ye
A systematic review and meta-analysis on the efficacy and safety of dexmedetomidine combined with sevoflurane anesthesia on emergence agitation in children
Yuanxia Tang, Yun Song, Wei Tian, Gongxue Chen, Yan Gu
Impact of maternal age on neonatal outcomes among very preterm infants admitted to Chinese neonatal intensive care units: a multi-center cohort study
Zhiye Qi, Yanchen Wang, Guang Lin, Haiyan Ma, Yaojin Li, Weiquan Zhang, Siyuan Jiang, Xinyue Gu, Yun Cao, Wenhao Zhou, Shoo K. Lee, Kun Liang, Liling Qian; on behalf of Chinese Neonatal Network
Intra- and juxta-articular osteoid osteoma in children and adolescents
Xiaoyan Ni, Zhiqiang Zhang, Ping Xu, Bo Ning, Dahui Wang
Outcomes and experience after open reduction for chronic Monteggia fracture in children
Ping Xu, Zhiqiang Zhang, Bo Ning, Dahui Wang
Cross-sectional association between physical fitness and cardiometabolic risk in Chilean schoolchildren: the fat but fit paradox
Gerardo Weisstaub, María A. Gonzales Bravo, Antonio García-Hermoso, Gabriela Salazar, José Francisco López-Gil
Effect of injection laryngoplasty material on outcomes in pediatric vocal fold paralysis
Ryan Bishop, Marike Mousset, Abdulrahman Althubaiti, Austin Gerwig, Charlemagne Kern, Amanda Onwuka, Rishabh Sethia, Tendy Chiang, Charles Elmaraghy

Case Report

Atypical CT findings of renal neuroblastoma: a case report
Maoyan Jiang, Xianwen Hu, Kai Qian, Peiqing Yang, Yang Tang, Pan Wang, Jiong Cai