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Original Article

Use of the ductal curvature index to assess the risk of ductal stenting in patients with duct-dependent pulmonary circulation
Nathalie Mini, Martin B. E. Schneider, Peter A. Zartner
Laparoscopic percutaneous extraperitoneal closure with peritoneum reinforcement repair for pediatric inguinal hernia: a single-center experience with over 2,000 patients
Shouxing Duan, Peijian Zhang, Xiaobin Lin, Lian Zheng
The feasibility of ultrasound Graf method in screening infants and young children with congenital hip dysplasia and follow-up of treatment effect
Dandan Liu, Xiaping Mou, Gang Yu, Weixiang Liang, Chun Cai, Xiao Li, Gang Zhang
Comparison of two surgical methods for the treatment of optic pathway gliomas in the intraorbital segment: an analysis of long-term clinical follow-up, which evaluates the surgical outcomes
Peng Yang, Hao-Cheng Liu, E Qiu, Wei Wang, Jia-Liang Zhang, Li-Bin Jiang, Jun Kang
Successful single kidney transplantation from pediatric donors less than or equal to 10 kg to adult recipient: a retrospective cohort study
Chuxiao Chen, Xiaojun Su, Chenglin Wu, Longshan Liu, Huanxi Zhang, Ronghai Deng, Qian Fu, Xiaopeng Yuan, Yitao Zheng, Jiang Qiu, Guodong Chen, Gang Huang, Suxiong Deng, Jiguang Fei, Lizhong Chen, Jun Li, Changxi Wang
Pediatric open globe injury in left-behind children treated by pars plana vitrectomy in China
Xiaonan Zhuang, Rui Jiang, Gezhi Xu, Zhongcui Sun
Value of magnetic resonance imaging indices of left renal vein entrapment in the diagnosis of nutcracker syndrome in children
Ren Wang, Meiqiu Wang, Zhengkun Xia, Chunlin Gao, Qianhuining Kuang, Xiang Fang, Min Yu, Yinchao Peng, Xiaojie Li, Yaqin Wei, Tao Ju
Characteristics of the intestinal microbiota and metabolism in infants with extrauterine growth restriction
Sainan Fan, Kun Zhang, Anping Lv, Yanan Ma, Xiaohui Fang, Jinping Zhang
Alterations in biochemical markers in adenovirus infection
Constanza Gómez de Oña, Marta E. Alvarez-Argüelles, Susana Rojo-Alba, Helena Casares, Mireia Arroyo, Julián Rodríguez, María de Oña, Santiago Melón
Amplitude of low-frequency fluctuation may be an early predictor of delayed motor development due to neonatal hyperbilirubinemia: a fMRI study
Kai Yan, Feifan Xiao, Yuwei Jiang, Chunmei Lu, Yong Zhang, Yanting Kong, Jian Zhou, Junbo Wang, Chengxiang Lin, Haowei Yang, Dajiang Zhang, Guoqiang Cheng, Zhongwei Qiao, Liping Wang, Qian Qin, Wenhao Zhou
The effectiveness of infliximab for Kawasaki disease in children: systematic review and meta-analysis
Dan Li, Xiaohui Li, Wenting Dou, Yang Zheng
Exploring prediction model and survival strategies for pulmonary hemorrhage in premature infants: a single-center, retrospective study
Jing Li, Hejie Xia, Lin Ye, Xiaoxia Li, Zhiqun Zhang
An analysis of the diagnosis, clinical characteristics, treatment, and survival outcomes of 36 extracranial malignant rhabdoid tumor patients
Yuhua Shan, Jiaoyang Cai, Yali Han, Chenjie Xie, Honxiang Gao, Lei Zhang, Jingjing Li, Ruicheng Tian, Yu Liang, Jing Wang, Changcheng Chen, Bin Ji, Jingyan Tang, Min Xu, Song Gu

Review Article

Fetal brain issues in congenital heart disease
Fu-Tsuen Lee, Mike Seed, Liqun Sun, Davide Marini
Congenital diaphragmatic hernia: a narrative review of controversies in neonatal management
Michelle J. Yang, Katie W. Russell, Bradley A. Yoder, Stephen J. Fenton
Rationing in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit—ethical or unethical?
Lynette Kirby, Shreerupa Basu, Eliana Close, Melanie Jansen
Pediatric brain death certification: a narrative review
Nina Fainberg, Leslie Mataya, Matthew Kirschen, Wynne Morrison
Fetal endoscopic tracheal occlusion for congenital diaphragmatic hernia: a narrative review of the history, current practice, and future directions
Erin E. Perrone, Jan A. Deprest
The current state of prenatal detection of genetic conditions in congenital heart defects
Tina O. Findley, Hope Northrup
Potential therapeutics in pediatric acute respiratory distress syndrome: what does the immune system have to offer? A narrative review
Nadir Yehya
Ethical issues after pre-natal diagnosis
Antonio F. Corno
Abdominal wall defects
Christina M. Bence, Amy J. Wagner
Impacts of prenatal diagnosis of congenital heart diseases on outcomes
Damien Bonnet
Twin to twin transfusion syndrome
Jena L. Miller
Sedation protocols in the pediatric intensive care unit: fact or fiction?
Corrine R. Balit, Jessica M. LaRosa, Jacqueline S. M. Ong, Sapna R. Kudchadkar
A narrative review of in utero gene therapy: advances, challenges, and future considerations
Nicholas K. Yung, Nathan L. Maassel, Sarah J. Ullrich, Adele S. Ricciardi, David H. Stitelman
Counseling for fetal heart disease—current standards and best practice
Alexander Kovacevic, Michael Elsässer, Herbert Fluhr, Andreas Müller, Sebastian Starystach, Stefan Bär, Matthias Gorenflo
Placental abnormalities in congenital heart disease
Nickie N. Andescavage, Catherine Limperopoulos
Building a culture of early mobilization in the pediatric intensive care unit—a nuts and bolts approach
Brenda M. Morrow
Enteral feeding and the microbiome in critically ill children: a narrative review
Lijia Fan, Jan Hau Lee
Fetal myelomeningocele repair: a narrative review of the history, current controversies and future directions
Kaeli J. Yamashiro, Diana L. Farmer
Modern fetal surgery—a historical review of the happenings that shaped modern fetal surgery and its practices
Lauren L. Evans, Michael R. Harrison
Development of an artificial placenta for support of premature infants: narrative review of the history, recent milestones, and future innovation
Brian P. Fallon, George B. Mychaliska
MRI studies of brain size and growth in individuals with congenital heart disease
Alexandra F. Bonthrone, Christopher J. Kelly, Isabel H. X. Ng, Serena J. Counsell
A narrative review of advanced ventilator modes in the pediatric intensive care unit
Andrew G. Miller, Renee M. Bartle, Alexandra Feldman, Palen Mallory, Edith Reyes, Briana Scott, Alexandre T. Rotta
Multiple organ involvement and ICU considerations for the care of acute liver failure (ALF) and acute on chronic liver failure (ACLF) in children
Leslie A. Mataya, Vijay Srinivasan, Elizabeth B. Rand, Alicia M. Alcamo
Challenges in pediatric post-sepsis care in resource limited settings: a narrative review
Matthew O. Wiens, Niranjan Kissoon, Liisa Holsti
Prenatal diagnosis of congenital heart defects: echocardiography
Heather Y. Sun
Narrative review of congenital lung lesions
Shaun M. Kunisaki
Maternal hyperoxygenation in congenital heart disease
Fu-Tsuen Lee, Davide Marini, Mike Seed, Liqun Sun
Fetal interventions for congenital renal anomalies
Ahmer Irfan, Elizabeth O’Hare, Eric Jelin
A narrative review of skeletal muscle atrophy in critically ill children: pathogenesis and chronic sequelae
Chengsi Ong, Jan Hau Lee, Melvin K. S. Leow, Zudin A. Puthucheary
Challenges and Solutions in translating sepsis guidelines into practice in resource-limited settings
Suchitra Ranjit, Niranjan Kissoon