Vol 8, No 3 (July 2019): Translational Pediatrics (Regional or National Collaborative Quality Improvement Initiatives in Neonatology)

Review Article

The International Network for Evaluating Outcomes (iNeo) of neonates: evolution, progress and opportunities
Prakesh S. Shah, Kei Lui, Brian Reichman, Mikael Norman, Satoshi Kusuda, Liisa Lehtonen, Mark Adams, Maximo Vento, Brian A. Darlow, Neena Modi, Franca Rusconi, Stellan Håkansson, Laura San Feliciano, Kjell K. Helenius, Dirk Bassler, Shinya Hirano, Shoo K. Lee, on behalf of the International Network for Evaluating Outcomes (iNeo) of Neonates
Vermont Oxford Network: a worldwide learning community
Erika M. Edwards, Danielle E. Y. Ehret, Roger F. Soll, Jeffrey D. Horbar
Information technology infrastructure, quality improvement and research: the UK National Neonatal Research Database
Neena Modi
The clinical management and outcomes of extremely preterm infants in Japan: past, present, and future
Tetsuya Isayama
Practice variations and rates of late onset sepsis and necrotizing enterocolitis in very preterm born infants, a review
Mark Adams, Dirk Bassler
Trends in centralization of very preterm deliveries and neonatal survival in Finland in 1987–2017
Kjell Helenius, Mika Gissler, Liisa Lehtonen
Neonatal transport metrics and quality improvement in a regional transport service
Kyong-Soon Lee
Economic assessment of neonatal intensive care
Irene Guat Sim Cheah
Introducing evidence-based practice improvement in Chinese neonatal intensive care units
Yun Cao, Siyuan Jiang, Qi Zhou


The focused issue “Regional or National Collaborative Quality Improvement Initiatives in Neonatology” was commissioned by the editorial office, Translational Pediatrics without any sponsorship or funding. Kenneth Tan, Dirk Bassler and Shoo K. Lee served as the unpaid Guest Editors for the focused issue.