Article Abstract

Mozart’s music in children with epilepsy

Authors: Lung-Chang Lin, Rei-Cheng Yang


Coppola et al. reported 5 out of 11 patients suffering from drug-resistant epileptic encephalopathy associated with cerebral palsy had a ≥50% reduction in the total number of seizures after listening a set of Mozart’s compositions 2 h per day for 15 days. Our previous studies also revealed that both seizure frequencies, recurrence of first unprovoked seizure, and epileptiform discharges are significant reduced after listening to Mozart K.448. Until now, the real mechanism of music effect on epilepsy is still unclear. In this article, in addition to showing the beneficial effects of music on seizure, and epileptiform discharges, we are going to discuss the possible mechanism of music. The possible mechanisms include dopaminergic pathways, mirror neurons, and parasympathetic activation after listening to music.