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Management of children after renal transplantation: Highlights for general pediatricians

	author = {Keith K. Lau and Lucy Giglia and Howard Chan and Anthony K. Chan},
	title = {Management of children after renal transplantation: Highlights for general pediatricians},
	journal = {Translational Pediatrics},
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	year = {2012},
	keywords = {},
	abstract = {The number of children undergoing successful renal transplantations has been increasing steadily and as a result; general
pediatricians are now more likely to encounter children with a kidney allograft in their practice. Although the medical care
immediately after transplantation is mostly provided by transplant teams, more and more outpatient care will eventually be
performed at the patient’s local community. Medical care from general pediatricians is particularly important, especially for
children who are residing far from transplant centers. As these children require prolong immunosuppressive therapies and
are susceptible to various specific clinical problems, it is imperative for their primary care providers and pediatricians to be
knowledgeable about their specific needs and be competent in providing care. This article highlights the roles and common
practice related issues that pertain to general pediatricians in the care of pediatric renal allograft recipients.},
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