The House in the Ancient Village

Posted On 2022-08-15 09:48:51

Title: The House in the Ancient Village

Cover story: This is a 50cm * 30cm watercolor painting, mainly used to pencil, watercolor pens. This is the author's first sketch painting, which is located in the ancient weir in Lishui, Zhejiang Province Painting Township. The reason why I choose to go there to sketch is that the ancient weir painting village, with beautiful mountains and rivers, has a profound historical accumulation, and is full of strong cultural atmosphere. Students of painting can be seen everywhere in the painting village. The building in the painting is located at the corner intersection of a secluded path. It can attract my attention because of its appearance, black bricks and black tiles, wooden frame Windows, green beside the wall, lanterns hanging at the door of the house, red Spring Festival couplets on the door, blue sky and white clouds, everything is so beautiful!
Created on July 5, 2021

Artist: Keyan Jiang, female, 12 years old, is studying in Shanghai Concord Bilingual School, grade 6. I like painting since I was young, and I have received the education of animation and sketch. My painting works cover gouache, color lead, oil painting and so on, and achieved the level 8 of sketch in 2021.