Posted On 2020-10-22 13:44:49

Title: Strawberries

Cover story: In this burning summer, the baby girl and her grandpa is cooling and enjoining the flowers under the tree outside the house. She put the strawberry on her hand, observating and feeling carefully. She is inspired, as if the strawberry is hoping up and down flexibly. The strawberries look so red, they seem just like triangles or those naughty and interesting shapes, integrated with fruity moisture makes them feel heavy and sweety. The green leaves bring up with the body of fruit. Disordered powder dispersed around, can’t help themselves to lick the tasty fruit.

Artist: I am Li Hanyu, a beautiful 5-year-old princess. I like painting and I am good at using the brush to show the world I meet. My bright eyes like the magnifiying glass and could capture the beauty of life. In my painting world, everything is sweet.