Father and Son

Posted On 2021-08-05 14:46:39

Title: Father and Son

Cover story: The air in the grassland that had just rained was as fresh as it had been, and a rainbow hung over the sky, and the little falcon was following his father to the first lesson of his hunting skills. The little guy does not have so much patience. He catches flying insects on the grass, and then he goes to the lake to play with water splashes. Father Falcon cried, "Honey, look there, there is a small blue tit, try it first!" "No problem, Dad, look at me!" The little falcon chased the small blue tit. Father Falcon stood by the lake and watched with a smile and did not worry about assisting with the hunt.

Artist: Anna Chen, she is seven years old. Now she is in class 1, grade 1, Affiliated Primary School of Lanzhou University. Anna likes playing the violin, painting and dancing.