Cover Image by Shuwen Hu, "Girls"

Posted On 2020-07-03 02:49:38

Title: Girls

Cover story: I was inspired to create this painting after watching the movie Better Days. Even though we all say we don’t like bullying in schools, it still happens all around us. I was very angry after hearing that my classmates were bullied in their previous schools. I have tried to express my feelings about it with this noir painting. Its style may confuse or oppress you, but I don’t want bullying to be a problem anymore, and so the uncomfortable feeling evoked by this painting is there to remind you to pay attention to such issues. This painting was made in black ink on an A4 size scrap paper.

Artist: My name is Shuwen Hu, and my English name is Joanna. I am in Grade Six of primary school at Waiyuan Campus, Shanghai United International School, and I love painting. Since kindergarten, I have attended a basic painting class every week. Through many years of effort, I have achieved level 8 in fast drawing and level 5 in sketching, as awarded by the China Academy of Art, and I will keep learning and painting. I hope you like my painting!