Vol 9, No 5 (October 2020): Translational Pediatrics

Original Article

Population pharmacokinetics and pharmacogenomics of tacrolimus in Chinese children receiving a liver transplant: initial dose recommendation
Xiao Chen, Dong-Dong Wang, Hong Xu, Zhi-Ping Li
A novel missense mutation of COL4A5 gene alter collagen IV α5 chain to cause X-linked Alport syndrome in a Chinese family
Xinyu Kuang, Lei Sun, Ying Wu, Wenyan Huang
The correlation between weight gain and PICC tip shift in the very low birth weight infants
Meng Zhang, Wenyan Yang, Ling Yan, Lizhu Huang, Na Lin, Shiyi Zhang, Lilan He
Attitudes and concerns of neonatologists and nurses to family- integrated-care in neonatal intensive care units in China
Xiying Xiang, Shiwen Xia, Xing Zhu, Xiangyu Gao, Xirong Gao, Aiming Zhang, Shoo K. Lee, Mingyan Hei
An interesting Mybpc3 heterozygous mutation associated with bicuspid aortic valve
Xiaopei Zhao, Cuilan Hou, Tingting Xiao, Lijian Xie, Yun Li, Jia Jia, Junming Zheng, Yongwei Zhang, Meng Xu
Novel deletion and 2397 G>T mutations of the EXT1 gene identified in two Chinese pedigrees with hereditary multiple exostoses using exon sequencing
Yang Shen, Lei Zhang, Bosong Chen, Liangchao Dong, Yicheng Wang, Sun Wang
The value of interleukin-6 (IL-6) within 6 hours after birth in the prompt diagnosis of early-onset neonatal sepsis
Chunmei Liu, Chengzhi Fang, Qi He, Lili Xie
Distribution of serum specific IgE in children with allergic conjunctivitis and analysis of its concomitant allergic diseases
Wenjun Wang, Xiumei Du, Lu Ye, Xiaoli Wang, Guoyun Zhang
Application of vocal organ correction combined with language training in the rehabilitation of children with cerebral palsy and language disorder
Jinjun Xue, Youfang Mo
Phenotypes and epigenetic errors in patients with Beckwith-Wiedemann syndrome in China
Miaoying Zhang, Chengjun Sun, Renchao Liu, Chenbin Dong, Ruoqian Cheng, Zhangqian Zheng, Bingbing Wu, Feihong Luo, Zhou Pei, Wei Lu
Multislice spiral computed tomography can independently predict the bronchoscopy results of children with bronchitis (pneumonia) suspected caused by bronchial foreign bodies
Zhiyong Guo, Liang Li, Bo Cao, Guangping Liu
Clinical values of common biomarkers for efficacy monitoring of antibiotics in early-onset neonatal sepsis
Chunmei Liu, Ying Zhang, Yanyan Shang, Chengzhi Fang, Qi He, Lili Xie
The expression and clinical significance of murine double minute 2, lysosome-associated membrane protein 1, and P-glycoprotein in pediatric acute lymphoblastic leukemia
Zhuoyu Wen, Hui Li, Juan Zhang
Effects of sublingual-specific immunotherapy on pulmonary function and exhaled nitric oxide levels in asthmatic children with and without allergic rhinitis
Tao Ai, Li Wang, Ronghua Luo, Yinghong Fan, Huiling Liao, Wanmin Xia, Lei Zhang, Yaping Duan