Vol 9, No 6 (December 2020): Translational Pediatrics

Original Article

Influence of KIT mutations on prognosis of pediatric patients with core-binding factor acute myeloid leukemia: a systematic review and meta-analysis
Junjie Fan, Li Gao, Jing Chen, Shaoyan Hu
Changing trends in the bacteriological profiles and antibiotic susceptibility in neonatal sepsis at a tertiary children’s hospital of China
Xiao-Juan Tang, Bin Sun, Xin Ding, Hong Li, Xing Feng
A questionnaire-based assessment of gastrointestinal symptoms in children with type 1 diabetes mellitus
Jody A. Porter, Karen E. MacKenzie, Brian A. Darlow, John F. Pearson, Andrew S. Day
Efficacy of noise reduction bundle in reducing sound levels in a Level II neonatal care unit in China
Liyuan Hu, Qing Liu, Hao Yuan, Chunmei Lu, Wenhao Zhou
Abdominal ultrasonographic manifestations in pediatric patients with tuberous sclerosis complex
Zhihua Xu, Junbo Wu, Guimin Xu, Hongxia Luo
Comparative study on the efficacy and safety of low-dose sodium valproate vs. diazepam in the prevention and treatment of pediatric febrile convulsion
Wei He
Neutrophil extracellular traps are not produced in pediatric patients with one-lung ventilation: a prospective, single-center, observational study
Yingyi Xu, Bingtai Lu, Na Zhang, Yufeng Liang, Ying Gao, Xiaoxin Ye, Wei Liu
Changes in fractional exhaled nitric oxide, exhaled carbon monoxide and pulmonary function during the acute attack, treatment and remission phases of pediatric asthma
Zhichao Xie, Mingrong Chai, Weiqiang Gu, Huizhen Yuan
Effect of lung recruitment on blood gas index, hemodynamics, lung compliance, and rehabilitation index in children with acute respiratory distress syndrome
Bo Li, Duoling Li, Wei Huang, Yuanyuan Che
Effects of bronchial blockers on gas exchange in infants with one-lung ventilation: a single-institutional experience of 22 cases
Li Zhang, Yu-Ping Wang, Xiao-Fen Chen, Zi-Rogn Yan, Min Zhou
Analysis of cytokines and trace elements in children with febrile seizures
Rongrong Chen, Shuangshuang Li, Xiaokang Wang, Jinjun Zhou, Yi Lu, Aijian Kang
Epidemiological and clinical characteristics analysis of 11 children with 2019 novel coronavirus infection in Chongqing: a single-center retrospective study
Qiang Chen, Xiuying Tian, Yarui Luo, Jun Liu, Li Jiang, Xiaoqian Feng, Zongwen Chen
Stressors, coping styles, and anxiety & depression in pediatric nurses with different lengths of service in six tertiary hospitals in Chengdu, China
Huiling Liao, Wei Tang, Yuanyuan Huang, Mei Liu, Ying Zhang, Lei Zhang, Tao Ai