Amanda Dixon-McIver, BMLSc, MSc, PhD

IGENZ Ltd, Auckland, New Zealand

Dr. Amanda Dixon-McIver is currently working at IGENZ in Auckland, New Zealand as a Senior Scientist in charge of the hematological malignancy section and is the lead in the move towards utilizing molecular-based technology in the diagnostic setting. She graduated from Otago University with a Bachelor of Medical Laboratory Science majoring in Cytogenetics and Clinical Biochemistry and her first graduate job was with the Cytogenetics Department, LabPlus, Auckland. In 1998 she left New Zealand and travelled to Newcastle, Australia on an MRC MSc scholarship where she completed an MSc examining the subtelomeric regions of human chromosomes in a group of children with idiopathic intellectual disability. On completion of her MSc she travelled to London, United Kingdom where she worked at the specialist hematological malignancy cytogenetics department at St Bartholomews Hospital. In 2005 she was the recipient of a Queen Mary and Westfield Scholarship which enabled her to complete her PhD at the University of London where she undertook a microarray study of the genetic origins of acute myeloid leukemia focusing in particular on microRNAs. In 2010 she returned home to Auckland, New Zealand where she is now currently employed. With a passion for the sharing of knowledge she is an Honorary Associate at Massey University and AUT University Auckland and involved in the placement and training of students completing the practical component of their Bachelor of Medical Laboratory Science degree. She plays an active role in the profession and has recently been elected Chair of the newly-formed Australasian Society for Diagnostic Genomics. In her spare time she loves spending time with her little girl, Sophie.