Weiguo Li, MMed,

DXClinics, DXY, HangZhou, Zhejiang, China

Weiguo Li graduated from Lanzhou University with M.Med degrees. Dr. Li has published many articles on children vitamin D deficiency (been cited 45 times totally). His researches found out the high rate of the deficiency in children vitamin D in the northwest area of China. He trained at First Hospital of Lanzhou University as a resident doctor, where he completed clinic training of Pediatric Emergency Department, NICU, PICU and pediatric specialty in 3 years. He has a passion for evidence based and epidemiologic study, and he got a short work experience in the editorial office of a pediatric journal (Chinese Journal of Evidence Based Pediatrics) where he obtained abundant knowledge of epidemiologic methodology. Now, he makes an effort to promote the development of pediatric primary care, joining DXClinics and playing a role as one of the founders of Pediatric Primary Care Centre in DXClinics.