Vol 9, Supplement 1 (February 2020): Translational Pediatrics (Neurodevelopmental and Neurobehavioral Disorders in Children)

Review Article

Understanding basic concepts of developmental diagnosis in children
Kelly A. Brown, Sonia Parikh, Dilip R. Patel
A clinical primer on intellectual disability
Dilip R. Patel, Maria Demma Cabral, Arlene Ho, Joav Merrick
Dyslexia: neurobiology, clinical features, evaluation and management
Tiffany Munzer, Khadijah Hussain, Neelkamal Soares
Disorder of written expression and dysgraphia: definition, diagnosis, and management
Peter J. Chung, Dilip R. Patel, Iman Nizami
Autism spectrum disorder: definition, epidemiology, causes, and clinical evaluation
Holly Hodges, Casey Fealko, Neelkamal Soares
Autism spectrum disorder: psychological and functional assessment, and behavioral treatment approaches
Summer S. Chahin, Roger W. Apple, Kailin H. Kuo, Cheryl A. Dickson
Obsessive-compulsive disorder in children and adolescents: epidemiology, diagnosis and management
Ahsan Nazeer, Finza Latif, Aisha Mondal, Muhammad Waqar Azeem, Donald E. Greydanus
Tourette’s disorder in children and adolescents
Donald E. Greydanus, Julia Tullio
Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder: diagnostic criteria, epidemiology, risk factors and evaluation in youth
Maria Demma I. Cabral, Stephanie Liu, Neelkamal Soares
Non-pharmacologic management of attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder in children and adolescents: a review
Mahesh Shrestha, Julianna Lautenschleger, Neelkamal Soares
Cerebral palsy in children: a clinical overview
Dilip R. Patel, Mekala Neelakantan, Karan Pandher, Joav Merrick