Vol 7, No 4 (October 2018): Translational Pediatrics (The Pediatric Critical Care Continuum—Inside and Outside the Four Walls of the ICU)


A day in the life
Derek S. Wheeler, Erika L. Stalets

Review Article

An overarching approach for acute care delivery: extension of the acute care model to the entire inpatient admission
Matthew W. Zackoff, Srikant Iyer, Maya Dewan
Continuum of care in pediatric sepsis: a prototypical acute care delivery model
Rhea Vidrine, Mihir R. Atreya, Erika L. Stalets
Disease prevention & health promotion: what’s critical care got to do with it?
Carley Riley, Andrea Maxwell, Allison Parsons, Erica Andrist, Andrew F. Beck
Making care better in the pediatric intensive care unit
Heather A. Wolfe, Elizabeth H. Mack
Staffing and workforce issues in the pediatric intensive care unit
Derek S. Wheeler, Maya Dewan, Andrea Maxwell, Carley L. Riley, Erika Stalets
From the street to the ICU: a review of pediatric emergency medical services and critical care transport
Sang Hoon Lee, Hamilton P. Schwartz, Michael T. Bigham
No more pediatric code blues on the floor: evolution of pediatric rapid response teams and situational awareness plans
Mary Sandquist, Ken Tegtmeyer
Improving transitions of care between the operating room and intensive care unit
Derek S. Wheeler, Anna M. Sheets, Frederick C. Ryckman
Early mobilization in the pediatric intensive care unit
Tracie C. Walker, Sapna R. Kudchadkar
Going back to the ward—transitioning care back to the ward team
Lori A. Herbst, Sanyukta Desai, Dan Benscoter, Karen Jerardi, Katie A. Meier, Angela M. Statile, Christine M. White
Pediatric palliative care in the intensive care unit and questions of quality: a review of the determinants and mechanisms of high-quality palliative care in the pediatric intensive care unit (PICU)
Sara Rhodes Short, Rachel Thienprayoon
Always ready, always prepared—preparing for the next pandemic
Mitchell Hamele, Katie Neumayer, Jill Sweney, W. Bradley Poss