Vol 5, No 3 (July 2016): Translational Pediatrics (Focused on Trends and Innovations in Caring for Patients with Congenital Heart Defects)

Original Article

Antegrade cerebral perfusion at 25 ℃ for arch reconstruction in newborns and children preserves perioperative cerebral oxygenation and serum creatinine
Bhawna Gupta, Dodge-Khatami Ali, Juan Tucker, Mary B. Taylor, Douglas Maposa, Miguel Urencio, Jorge D. Salazar
How to set-up a program of minimally-invasive surgery for congenital heart defects
Juan-Miguel Gil-Jaurena, Ramón Pérez-Caballero, Ana Pita-Fernández, María-Teresa González-López, Jairo Sánchez, Juan-Carlos De Agustín

Pediatric Epilepsy Column (Review Article)

Preoperative evaluation and surgical decision-making in pediatric epilepsy surgery
Katrina Ducis, Jian Guan, Michael Karsy, Robert J. Bollo