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Metabolism of Childhood Cancer (Dinesh Rakheja) more

Liver tumors in children with metabolic disorders  More >>
Translational development of difluoromethylornithine (DFMO) for the treatment of neuroblastoma More >>
Preface to the column “Metabolism of Childhood Cancer” More >>

Rare Diseases Column (Zhanhe Wu) more

Chromosomal instability syndromes—the most classical and representative types of rare diseases More >>
Phenotypes and genotypes of the chromosomal instability syndromes More >>
Paediatric Fabry disease More >>


Manmohan K. Kamboj

Review Article

Growth perturbations from stimulant medications and inhaled corticosteroids
Erin Richardson, Tasa Seibert, Naveen K. Uli
Polycystic ovary syndrome in adolescence: diagnostic and therapeutic strategies
Manmohan K. Kamboj, Andrea E. Bonny
Zoledronic acid in pediatric metabolic bone disorders
Sasigarn A. Bowden, John D. Mahan
Recovery of steroid induced adrenal insufficiency
Areej K. Younes, Noor K. Younes
Review of Prader-Willi syndrome: the endocrine approach
Ryan Heksch, Manmohan Kamboj, Kathryn Anglin, Kathryn Obrynba
Ophthalmic manifestations of endocrine disorders—endocrinology and the eye
Alisha Kamboj, Michael Lause, Priyanka Kumar
Dermatologic manifestations of endocrine disorders
Michael Lause, Alisha Kamboj, Esteban Fernandez Faith
Fertility counseling and preservation: considerations for the pediatric endocrinologist
Amanda J. Saraf, Leena Nahata
Disorders/differences of sex development (DSDs) for primary care: the approach to the infant with ambiguous genitalia
Justin A. Indyk
Hypoglycemia in the preterm neonate: etiopathogenesis, diagnosis, management and long-term outcomes
Anudeepa Sharma, Ajuah Davis, Prem S. Shekhawat
Transient hypothyroidism in the newborn: to treat or not to treat
Neelakanta Kanike, Ajuah Davis, Prem S. Shekhawat
Type 1 diabetes: where are we in 2017?
Melanie Copenhaver, Robert P. Hoffman
Role of a registered dietitian in pediatric type 1 and type 2 diabetes
Tracie J. Steinke, Elena L. O’Callahan, Jennifer L. York
Transition of care for patients with type 1 diabetes mellitus from pediatric to adult health care systems
Elizabeth O. Buschur, Bethany Glick, Manmohan K. Kamboj
Psychosocial aspects of diabetes management: dilemma of diabetes distress
Ruqiya Shama Tareen, Kinza Tareen
Metabolic syndrome in children and adolescents
Dania Al-Hamad, Vandana Raman
Approach to hypoglycemia in infants and children
Kajal Gandhi

Original Articles

Vitamin D intake in young children with acute lower respiratory infection
Karen S Leis, J Dayre McNally, Matthew R Montgomery, Koravangattu Sankaran, Chandima Karunanayake, Alan M Rosenberg
MRI-DWI improves the early diagnosis of brain abscess induced by Candida albicans in preterm infants
Jian Mao, Juan Li, Dan Chen, Jing Zhang, Ya-Nan Du, Ying-Jie Wang, Xin Li, Rui Wang, Li-Ying Chen, Xiao-Ming Wang

Original Articles

A pilot trial on the treatment of gastroesophageal reflux-related cough in infants
Darryl J. Adamko, Carina M. Majaesic, Christopher Skappak, Adrian B. Jones
Cloning and sequence analysis of SLC25A13 transcripts in human amniocytes
Zhan-Hui Zhang, Xin-Jing Zhao, Yuan-Zong Song, Xiao-Mei Tang, Qing-Bing Zha
Pneumatically-driven external pressure applicator to augment Fontan hemodynamics: preliminary findings
Amy L. Throckmorton, Sonya S. Bhavsar, Steven G. Chopski, William B. Moskowitz
Epidemiological survey and analysis of asthma in children aged 0-14 years old in urban and rural areas of Chengdu region
Min Li, Qiong Zhang, Wei-Juan Shi, Lan Li, Yan Li, Ying Pang, Bin Yao, Hong Jiang

Original Article

Association of folate metabolism genes MTHFR and MTRR with multiple complex congenital malformation risk in Chinese population of Shanxi
Qin Zhang, Baoling Bai, Xiaozhen Liu, Chunyue Miao, Huili Li
Evaluation of cerebral function in high risk term infants by using a scoring system based on aEEG
Fang Luo, Zheng Chen, Huijia Lin, Chenhong Wang, Xiaolu Ma, Liping Shi
Visuoperceptual sequelae in children with hemophilia and intracranial hemorrhage
Guadalupe Morales, Esmeralda Matute, Erin T. O’Callaghan, Joan Murray, Alberto Tlacuilo-Parra
Methylenetetrahydrofolate reductase polymorphisms at 3'-untranslated region are associated with susceptibility to preterm birth
Qin Zhu, Ying Chen, Jianrong Dai, Benjing Wang, Minjuan Liu, Yun Wang, Jianying Tao, Hong Li

Column on Metabolism of Childhood Cancer

Lin28 and let-7 in cell metabolism and cancer
Liem H. Nguyen, Hao Zhu
Energy metabolism in neurodevelopment and medulloblastoma
Katherine Tech, Timothy R. Gershon
Energy metabolism in neuroblastoma and Wilms tumor
Sepideh Aminzadeh, Silvia Vidali, Wolfgang Sperl, Barbara Kofler, René G. Feichtinger

Metabolism of Childhood Cancer Column (Review Article)

Translational development of difluoromethylornithine (DFMO) for the treatment of neuroblastoma
Hamid Bassiri, Adriana Benavides, Michelle Haber, Susan K. Gilmour, Murray D. Norris, Michael D. Hogarty

Rare Diseases Column (Review Article)

Phenylketonuria: a review of current and future treatments
Naz Al Hafid, John Christodoulou

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