Article Abstract

Preface to the column “Metabolism of Childhood Cancer”

Authors: Dinesh Rakheja


Reprogramming of cellular energy metabolism is a central theme of cancer cells, as described by Warburg (1) (Figure 1) and designated as a hallmark of cancer by Hanahan and Weinberg (2). Indeed, cancer has been called a metabolic disease (3-8). Given the significance of metabolic alterations in cancer, this special column on “Metabolism of Childhood Cancer” is launched and I am delighted to serve as the column editor. The column initiates with three review articles authored by Nguyen and Zhu from University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center; Tech and Gershon from University of North Carolina School of Medicine; and Aminzadeh, Vidali et al. from Paracelsus Medical University being presented in this issue of Translational Pediatrics.