Training for MIS in pediatric urology: proposition of a structured training curriculum

Maria Escolino, Francesco Turrà, Alessandro Settimi, Ciro Esposito


In Europe there are a lot of training centers for minimally invasive surgery (MIS) but a standardized MIS training program in pediatric urology doesn’t exist at the moment. We performed a literature review with the last goals to propose a structured training curriculum in MIS urology for pediatric surgeons. Pediatric urologists have to obtain a valid MIS training curriculum completing the following 4 steps: (I) Theoretical part (theoretical courses, masterclass) to acquire theoretical knowledge; (II) experimental training (simulation on pelvic trainer, virtual reality simulators, animal models, 3-D ex-vivo models) to acquire basic laparoscopic skills; (III) stages in European centers of reference for pediatric MIS urology to learn all surgery aspects; (IV) personal operative experience. At the end of the training period, the trainee would be expected to perform several MIS urological procedures independently, under supervision of an expert tutor. At the end of the training program, each center will analyze the candidate training booklet and release for each applicant a certification after an exam. We think that this MIS training program in pediatric urology may assure an integrated acquisition of basic and advanced laparoscopic skills during residency training in pediatric urology. Each European country should adopt this program so as to secure a standardized technical qualification in MIS urology for all future pediatric urologists.